• We’re a critical supplier of high-quality coke to our customers’ most strategic blast furnaces
    • We are the largest independent coke supplier in North America, with a total U.S. cokemaking capacity of 4.2 million tons
    • We supply the two major U.S. integrated steel producers via long-term, take-or-pay contracts
  • Our coke is a key component in blast furnace steel production
    • Coke acts as a fuel, provides structural support and allows gas to reduce iron in Blast Furnaces (BFs)
    • High-quality coke is crucial to blast furnace performance
  • Our network of six modern cokemaking plants provides flexibility to efficiently meet customers’ blast furnace coke needs
    • We can transport coke to multiple blast furnaces
    • We have the ability to divert coke shipments across our coke plants as needed
  • Our innovative heat-recovery cokemaking technology sets the U.S. EPA’s MACT standards and makes larger, stronger coke
    • Negative air pressure in our ovens substantially reduces emissions
    • We convert waste heat into steam and electrical power that we sell to customers
    • We’re the only North American coke producer that utilizes heat-recovery technology in cokemaking process
  • As aging coke by-product batteries are expected to close, SunCoke’s advanced heat-recovery technology is in the best position to take additional market share
    • On average, SunCoke coke plants are approximately 22 years younger than by-product plants
    • We are the only company to build new coke plants in the U.S. in the last 30 years
  • Our long-term, take-or-pay contracts generate stable cash flows and insulate our business from industry cyclicality
    • Customers are required to take all coke we produce up to the contract maximum
    • Commodity risk is minimized by passing through coal, transportation and certain operating costs to our customers
    • There is no early termination without default, except one contract under limited circumstances
    • Contracts have a weighted average remaining term of approximately 7 years


  • Our logistics network has the capability to transload raw materials via truck, rail, river barge and ocean-going vessel
    • We have access to advantaged Class 1 rail networks, such as Norfolk Southern, Canadian National and CSX
    • Our Convent Marine Terminal in Louisiana is the only facility on the U.S. Gulf Coast with direct rail access and cape-sized dredge
  • We offer ground storage and expert coal blending
  • The Convent Marine Terminal can transload other raw materials for the export market, including petcoke, aggregate, iron ore, phosphate rock and wood chips

Chart data sources: 2022 Annual Coke Market Survey (based on coke batteries currently in operation), and 2023 production capacity estimates based on EVA forecasts

Total U.S. Coke Capacity

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