The SunCoke Way

Achieving Operational Excellence

The SunCoke Way is our set of processes and systems that drives operational excellence through a focus on consistent execution, productivity, safety performance and environmental compliance. The SunCoke Way provides the foundation for continuous improvement and is essential to the growth of our business.

Through The SunCoke Way we:

  • Identify important activities that drive results
  • Measure those critical activities
  • Review performance metrics
  • Determine steps required to close performance gaps
  • Celebrate successes, share best-practices and work as a team to address challenges
  • Create action plans to continuously improve

The SunCoke Way utilizes a structured system of cross-functional communication and information flow to drive optimal performance.

Examples of The SunCoke Way:

  1. Operations control in coke operations – Focuses on operating assets consistently, site-to-site and day-to-day, ensuring maximum output while protecting assets.
  2. Operations control in heat recovery operations – Ensures equipment maximizes energy production while maintaining environmental compliance.
  3. Maintenance and reliability – Offers the foundation and methodology to execute required maintenance efficiently using structured analysis and problem-solving programs.
  4. Operations maintenance capital management – Utilizes a stage gate process to ensure assets are maintained efficiently and capital resources are spent effectively.

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