Health & Safety

SunCoke Energy, Inc. (“SunCoke”) is committed to providing a safe work environment that protects the health and safety of our employees, contractors, suppliers, vendors and visitors. Safety is a core value that drives the way we work every day. SunCoke believes that every job can and should be done safely and implements an effective health and safety program to help meet the vision of zero incidents and injuries. SunCoke seeks to integrate health and safety considerations in all aspects of its business and operations.

  • SunCoke strives to ensure compliance with applicable health and safety laws, regulations, and other requirements.
  • SunCoke has implemented training and operational procedures and programs to ensure that all personnel are properly trained to identify, report and mitigate potential hazards with the goal of reducing the frequency and severity of any safety incidents.
  • SunCoke’s safety management program aims to detect prospective health and safety issues, identify new or changes in regulations, find opportunities for improved safety in our operations and take appropriate actions as needed.
  • SunCoke has implemented a contractor safety program to ensure that all contractors are properly trained prior to performing any work on our sites.

SunCoke fosters a work environment in which employees are encouraged to report and raise health and safety issues without fear of retaliation. We are committed to developing our employees by providing the resources and training necessary to enable them to assist SunCoke in meeting our health and safety objectives.

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