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SunCoke Energy 2020 Sustainability Report

I first want to thank all our SunCoke employees for their commitment and contributions in what was an extremely challenging year. The dedication of our team is clearly visible through our safety record, operational excellence and 2020 financial results in the face of unprecedented challenges.

The health and safety of our employees continued to be paramount as we entered the COVID-19 pandemic, with the Company creating an internal COVID-19 task force and implementing guidance from federal, state and local agencies to ensure that our employees remained safe and healthy at work. We continue to take all necessary measures to ensure the health and safety of our workforce as conditions evolve.

Our business is providing high-quality coke, energy and logistics services to our customers. We value our customer relationships and in 2020 we were able to further strengthen those relationships with our steel customers, who were severely affected by lack of demand and excess inventories. We agreed to assist our customers by reducing coke production in exchange for contract extensions at our Jewell and Haverhill facilities, illustrating the strength and long-term nature of our customer relationships. At the same time, we began testing, development and capital deployment of a foundry coke product. We successfully transitioned a portion of coke production capacity to foundry coke and now have commercial capacity in this new market with a high quality product. In addition, we developed export coke opportunities for 2021, allowing us to run our plants at higher capacity and sell the additional coke on the export markets. All of these actions have strengthened SunCoke’s business and customer base and positioned us for long-term success coming out of these unprecedented times.

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Our commitment to environmental excellence has always positioned us for long-term success as well, and that commitment was unwavering in 2020, as demonstrated by strong environmental performance despite the COVID-19 operational challenges. Consistent with our focus on environmental performance, SunCoke is dedicated to managing climate change related risks and opportunities, including evaluating our long-term business model and its alignment with the transition to a lower carbon economy. We published our inaugural CDP report in 2020, outlining our awareness and management of climate change related issues. As we move forward, we plan to build on this foundation by further examining our risks and impacts from a climate change perspective. We anticipate beginning climate scenario analysis in 2021 and implementing a climate change specific risk management process within our organization. We look forward to sharing these results and SunCoke’s approach to climate change in future reports.

SunCoke’s robust 2020 performance in all aspects of the business provides a solid foundation for our second annual sustainability report. Despite the challenges presented by COVID-19, we demonstrated superb, uninterrupted operating performance, kept our employees safe, delivered strong environmental performance and further positioned our business for long-term success.

Michael G. Rippey, President and Chief Executive Officer


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