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SunCoke Energy 2022 Sustainability Report

Reflecting on 2022, the commitment and contributions of our SunCoke employees was evident in our safety record, environmental performance, and operational excellence underpinning our record financial results. I want to thank all our SunCoke employees for their work and dedication throughout the year. 

In this 2022 Sustainability Report, I am delighted to share our performance in each of the three pillars of ESG (environmental, social, and governance). Our efforts in 2022 demonstrated continued commitment to SunCoke’s Sustainability Foundations: 1) Occupational Health & Safety, 2) Advanced Technology for Leading Environmental Performance, and 3) Innovation & Evolution. Our Sustainability Foundations form the basis for how we approach long-term value creation for our shareholders, customers and employees. 

Operational safety remained our top priority in 2022. Our strong safety culture is underpinned by our Visible Safety Leadership Program which sets safe work as a baseline and stresses the importance of everyone—from the CEO to the plant managers—leading safety every day. Our relentless focus on safety allowed us to achieve a Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) of 0.69 for 2022, far lower than the industry average for the "All Other Petroleum and Coal Products Manufacturing" and "Iron and Steel Mills" sectors. 

In addition to our strong safety performance, our operational and financial performance were exceptional in 2022, leading to a record-breaking financial year. We benefitted from a higher contribution margin on our export coke and foundry coke sales, both of which have contributed to our market and product diversification as we continue evolving our business. We profitably increased our market participation in foundry coke in 2022, and we plan to complete our foundry coke expansion project in 2023, providing for continued growth in market participation. 

As we think about SunCoke’s future, including our role in the unfolding energy transition, we see three key areas of opportunity. 

First, steel will be a critical material in this energy transition and we will continue our support by supplying the high quality coke necessary for steel. As a producer of coke—a key ingredient in the production of blast furnace steel—SunCoke forms an important part of the supply chains that depend on steel to build sustainable energy infrastructure and solutions like electricity networks, wind turbines, electric vehicles, solar panels and geothermal plants. At SunCoke, we are proud to be a major supplier of coke to the U.S. steel industry, whose CO2 emissions intensity is the lowest of all the major steel producing countries. We are playing our part in reducing the emissions associated with steel production by utilizing our advanced technology to produce high-quality, high strength after reaction (CSR) coke, which allows for greater use of lower-carbon fuels in the customer’s blast furnace, and thus lower emissions. 

Second, we will continue to maintain strong customer relationships and optimize our operations, which employ the most environmentally friendly cokemaking technology available, positioning ourselves as the preferred supplier of high quality coke. In addition, we will continue to explore opportunities and technology that will allow us to support our customers as the steel industry evolves.

Lastly, we will continue to adapt to market changes by leveraging our core competencies to diversify our customers and product offerings. This includes our continued expansion in the foundry coke market, our entry into the export coke market and the recently announced potential partnership with U.S. Steel to manufacture granulated pig iron (GPI) at the Granite City Works facility.

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As we further evaluate the energy and lower carbon economy transition, including the impacts on SunCoke and others in the steel industry, we are challenged to think more strategically about the long term, and to plan for a number of possible scenarios. We see opportunity in these challenges and will focus on further integrating sustainability and climate change management into our business while assisting our customers in meeting their sustainability goals. See the section in this report titled "TCFD & Climate Change" for more information.

Michael G. Rippey Chief Executive Officer and Katherine Gates President


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