The mission of SunCoke Energy’s Procurement department is to establish, develop and maintain strong relationships with a diverse supplier base that helps SunCoke, Inc. meet its goal of providing high-quality metallurgical coke for customers at the most competitive cost.

Any supplier interested in the terms and conditions for working with SunCoke Energy can access the forms within this section.

SunCoke Energy has established a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics that provides expectations for everyday legal and business issues, and sets forth the overall principles of the company. SunCoke Energy requires the Code and its overall principles to apply to all of its vendor and supplier colleagues. A copy can be obtained from the link below:

Thank you for learning about SunCoke Procurement. For more information and details, please contact us today.

Phone: 630.824.1000

  • If you are a contractor working at a SunCoke plant location:
  • If material is being delivered to SunCoke Energy site(s) via TL / LTL, all approved shipments to SunCoke Energy sites will need to utilize, Medallion Transport and Logistics, SunCoke Energy’s preferred Transportation and Logistics partner.

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